Application Profile

Extruded Aluminum Profiles


Challenge: Automotive Underbody Robotic Wax Coating Booths

Location: Michigan/Alabama

Flodraulic tapped its “MayCad” configurator to apply “what if solutions” in the virtual design and costing of two (2) modular robotic wax coating booths for a major automotive supplier

Using “MayCad”, design options were generated in a matter of hours instead of days. What Flodraulic came up with were two booths manufactured completely from our MayTec range of modular aluminum structures with a unique glass sealing design. The booths are supplied complete with adjoining clean tunnels manufactured from the same structure. Access doors, tooling turntables and LED lighting have also been provided.

The booths create a sealed and safe environment for multiple robots to apply a wax coating to specific areas on the underside of the vehicle. The walls are supplied with glass panels to allow for the operator to view the process and make minor programming changes. Special seals for the glass panels, doors and roof panels allow for a positive pressure created by roof mounted ductwork.

The two booths are unique in that the vast majority of booths are manufactured from stainless steel fabrications that are extremely heavy and costly to modify. The aluminum structures weigh 40% less and make installation and modifications, which are quite routine, much easier. The Flodraulic MayTec design is 60% faster to install than traditional booths.

This Flodraulic MayTec application represents just a small sampling of the possible applications where lightweight, modular, standard aluminum building blocks are reinventing traditional heavy fabricated steel assemblies.


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