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Engineered Solutions


At Flodraulic, we strive to not only become a seamless extension of our customers’ engineering and service support teams but to use our depth of experience across technologies and the partnerships with our suppliers to add tangible value to our customers’ businesses. So how do we do this? Through a commitment to:
  • Technical Support
  • Turnkey System Capabilities
  • Services and Support
  • Product Accessibility
  • Multiple Technologies Expertise
Real value-add is about creating definable, quantifiable and meaningful value for the customer. We offer the following services:


  • Design and engineering capabilities
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Applications assistance
  • Ability to integrate products with other technologies
  • Find cost savings that don’t compromise quality
  • Introduce new or evolving products or technologies
  • Proper component selection and sizing
  • Identify and refine customer needs
  • Find component alternatives or conversions
  • Understand and interchange competitive products
  • Help with maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Installation and start-up support


  • Complex systems design and build
  • Expertise in packaging systems
  • Comprehensive CAD capabilities including 3D
  • Customer end-market specifications knowledge
  • Integration with multiple technologies
  • Single point of responsibility for the customer
  • Manifold design, build and test
  • Specialized and custom pre-tested assemblies
  • Rigid quality control and test procedures
  • Customer research and development assistance
  • Certified welders and processes
  • Simultaneous engineering and prototyping
  • System redesign and improvement capabilities


  • Factory-authorized service and repair
  • Warranty evaluation center
  • Fluids analysis programs
  • In-house and field training classes
  • Tech tip programs
  • Logistics admin from supplier to customer
  • Field troubleshooting and diagnostic assistance
  • Literature, documentation, online tools and manuals
  • Promotional and marketing services
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance programs
  • 24/7 field service capabilities
  • Component exchange programs & field retrofits
  • Remanufacturing programs
  • Energy and leak detection audits
  • Local inventories to support critical needs
  • Creative and collaborative financing programs


  • Provisions for quick local access
  • Online purchasing options
  • Customer bar-coding and private labeling
  • Stock to support timely systems build
  • Extensive product conversion capabilities
  • Vendor-managed inventory capabilities
  • Just in time delivery programs
  • Integrated supply program coordination
  • Kitting of multiple components or parts
  • Specialized packaging
  • Prototype product availability
  • Blanket order stocking programs
  • Consigned inventory programs
  • 24/7 emergency access
  • Custom hose assemblies – field and in-house
  • Manufacture of distributors own products


  • Simplifies customer purchasing processes
  • Eliminates potential multi-source finger-pointing
  • Improves engineering efficiencies
  • Streamlines run-off and testing procedures
  • Uniform drawing and documentation support
  • Retrofit and field upgrades for existing plant equipment
  • Ensures consistency of spec and quality standards
  • Easier communications for updates and changes
  • Global network of support resources backing the system
  • Diversity of technologies makes for a stronger partner
  • Controlling multiple technologies drives build costs down
  • One technology often drives another
At Flodraulic, we understand the difference between perceived value, which is qualitative; and performance value, which is quantitative. Perceived value is all about the promises that one can make to another. Performance value is the proof behind the promises. It is this performance value that Flodraulic seeks to provide for its customers. In so doing, we partner with them to find efficiency gains, cost savings, energy savings, waste reduction and improved competitiveness.