Process Filtration and Systems

Centralized Lubrication

RHM's Process Filtration Group, part of the Flodraulic Group of companies, has greatly expanded its filtration and coolants fluid handling capabilities. By offering a full range of media filtration and environmentally friendly media-less products, Flodraulic can now offer full system capabilities.

Revolutionary vacuum filtration technologies and permanent media filtration modules compliment partner products, existing filtration products and specialized conditioning and refinery systems.

Flodraulic's range of high pressure through-tool products, pump back units and machine support modules will be marketed under our standard products trademark "PowerKool."

Flodraulic's process systems product focus:

  • Process Efficiency
  • Modular Design
  • Redeployability
  • Simplicity of design
  • Lowest possible use of consumables
  • Minimum Maintenance


Flodraulic Group, along with its strategic partner BELKI have developed an expansive range of media and media-free filtration systems by utilizing vacuum, gravity, and magnetic technologies for integration into all machining process lines.  Included:

  • Radius Plate Vacuum Filter – Disposable
  • Radius Plate Vacuum Filter – Permanent
  • Permanent Belt Primary Conveyor
  • Paper Band Gravity Filter
  • Inclined Magnetic Filter System
  • Radius Gravity Filter Disposable
  • Cyclonic

Flodraulic’s complete process systems product line-up includes:

  • Filtration
  • Coolant Pumpbacks
  • Coolant High Pressure systems
  • Machine Tool Chip Conveyors
  • Chemical Check Systems
  • Central Conditioning Systems
  • Hot Oil Refinery
  • Machine Support Module
  • Accessories  Components


For more detailed information, please visit Flodraulic’s Process Filtration Group here.