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The ideal profile system

Through its aluminum extrusion partner, MayTec, Flodraulic offers a comprehensive and integrated profile system where profiles can be connected in any way you may require.  A wide range of accessories provide functional and aesthetic results to applications.

Comprehensive Service

Flodraulic and MayTec services are as versatile as the profile system.  We offer:

  • quick delivery of profile and accessories
  • cut to size service – to your specifications
  • partial or modular fabrication
  • full assembly service
  • on-site installation

Creative Design and Implementation

The MayTec profile system allows for rapid assembly and short turnaround time. Flodraulic‘s experienced team can support you in design and implementation, tailored to your individual applications.

Let Flodraulic assist in providing the perfect profile for your application. The flexible and modular construction of products means they can be easily adjusted, modified or even re-purposed.

The proven connection system

The MayTec quick-connection system allows combination of all MayTec profiles in any way imaginable. It carries same stability out after all four sides.

The connection allows:

  • easy machining
  • quick assembly
  • innumerable (dis)assemblies

The connection is:

  • complete
  • stable
  • functional

Versatility and Strength

Flodraulic Group uses MayTec Extrusion due to its versatility and strength. It is an aluminum profile system and can be used to manufacture custom projects such as:

  • machine guarding
  • enclosures
  • conveyors
  • base frames
  • work stations
  • test benches
  • signage
  • dust protection
  • people movers
  • linear guidance
  • tables
  • office modules
  • custom designs

One is only limited by his or her imagination. MayTec has the largest selection of aluminum profiles to choose from, including specialized profiles that eliminate T-slots for clean room applications.  With the MayTec product, Flodraulic Group also offers bent extrusions for special situations where round guarding is required. We use a unique fastening system that has a 4,000 pound/feet of working load, and eliminates the need for joining plates and gussets to attach extrusion components. It is a completely vibration proof system and works in both vibratory bowl applications and aboard vehicles such as fire trucks. This connector system saves money, project assembly time and provides added strength when compared to the competition.

Custom Design to Installation

Flodraulic Group can provide bulk extrusion and accessories for do-it-yourself customers, pre-manufactured kits for on-site assembly, full value-added assemblies or complete installation at the customer’s facility.  Flodraulic Group also offers free Pro-E 3D modeling design.  We can take existing models or rough sketches and produce detailed drawings including a bill of materials that will provide the price for the kit and/or assembly of the project.  Flodraulic Group can provide a solid model upon completion at no charge for design services provided.  The custom design for you is indicative of our product knowledge, experience, service, and quality in workmanship.

Flodraulic Group has all of the necessary equipment to manufacture complete systems from custom machined parts to different types of panel elements that may be required by your job.  We partner with local sheet metal companies to produce any special job requirements, so you only have one phone call to make to ensure single-point job responsibility.  Flodraulic Group quite literally stocks MayTec extrusion by the tons. We always have a variety of aluminum profiles on-hand so we can meet your exact application requirements in a timely manner and at the most economical price point.

With MayTec, everything is custom built to your needs. We incorporate the full breadth of our product mix for a comprehensive solution.