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Flodraulic expertise in fluid power spans all forms of liquid and gaseous technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics, lubricating oil, compressed air, coolant and other unique media.  What they all have in common is the need to convey that media from point-to-point throughout the system.  To accomplish this, there exists a tremendous variety of optional hoses, tube, pipe, fittings, connectors, couplings, adaptors and accessory products.  They are made of endless combinations of materials, thread types, burst pressures, sealing methods and media compatibilities, all designed to meet the application needs in question. Welcome to the technology world of fluid conveyance!

While all Flodraulic facilities provide fluid conveyance expertise for the mobile and industrial systems they design, some carry exclusive expertise in hose and fitting technologies.  Chief among them is Flodraulic’s Omniflex team in Ontario with its five stocking locations.  As Flodraulic’s leader in fluid conveyance technologies, Omniflex offers:

  • OEM hose assemblies
  • Just in time kitting and sub-kitting
  • On-site installations
  • Vendor-managed inventories
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Eaton “Affiliated Distributor” programs
  • Large local inventories

Partnered primarily with Eaton Aeroquip, Flodraulic is ready to provide:

While Omniflex is dedicated almost entirely to fluid conveyance technologies, all other Flodraulic locations and divisions are expert at providing true turn-key systems which include all hose, fitting and connector requirements.  Several locations such as Flodraulic’s RHM Fluid Power Division not only design and build a large number of fluid power systems each year, they are also a full-line authorized Eaton Aeroquip hose and fitting distributor.  RHM also offers fluid conveyance expertise spanning global specifications, thread types and sealing technologies to match the diverse requirements of its worldwide end user markets.

When it comes to pneumatics, Flodraulic is one of SMC Corporation’s largest elite tech stocking distributors in North America.  Not only is SMC the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic system components, it is also a global leader in the supply of pneumatic fluid conveyance products.  As SMC’s partner, Flodraulic provides almost all of its pneumatic systems complete with SMC hose, fittings, connectors and accessory products to ensure ease of single-point supply and accountability.

The SMC connector line includes inch and metric one touch fittings, fitting manifolds, and pneumatic tubing available in multiple colors, sizes, and materials:

  • Comprehensive line of inch or metric sized fittings, speed controllers, and tubing
  • Includes clean room options and a broad set of specialized fitting and pneumatic tubing options
  • Integrates one-touch fitting technology in both pneumatic fittings and speed controls
  • Provides stainless steel fitting and brass fitting options
  • Improves energy consumption, by providing lower pressure return stroke options
  • Air cylinder speed control is critical to the longevity of your machine operation

To learn more about fluid conveyance technologies, please feel free to visit the Flodraulic website “Tech Tips” section where you will find two brief articles entitled:

Porting and Connector Options in Fluid Power Systems

Line Sizing and Fluid Velocity in Hydraulic Systems


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