Centralized Lubrication

It is widely recognized within the fluid power industry that failure to maintain clean fluid and air in an operating system is the number one cause of component failure, system breakdown and downtime.  Flodraulic understands this and designs efficient and correctly selected and sized filtration into every hydraulic, pneumatic or process system it designs.  Not only is Flodraulic an expert in engineering proper filtration in with new circuits, we know how to diagnose existing systems, identify problem areas and take corrective action.  Some of our filtration services and capabilities include:

  • Low, medium and high pressure hydraulic filtration
  • Pneumatic and vacuum filtration
  • Offline, kidney-loop and mobile cart filtration
  • Fluids analysis, particle counters and diagnostic services
  • Element interchange and competitive cross-overs
  • Lube oil systems filtration
  • Industrial bag, cartridge and back-flushing filtration
  • Fluid conditioning products
  • Process filtration and oil separation systems
  • Magnetic, vacuum and gravity filtration conveyor systems
  • Cyclonic filtration solutions
  • Machine tool coolant filtration systems
  • Filtration accessory components
  • Fuel filtration systems – diesel and biodiesel

Whether your filtration needs are an inline pressure filter on a piece of agricultural machinery, pneumatic filtration in a primary plant distribution airline or a complete machine tool process filtration system, Flodraulic and its family of companies are equipped to help you out.

Some of our primary filtration supplier partners include: