Compressed Air

Centralized Lubrication

From small reciprocating pistons to large rotary screw compressors, Flodraulic can tackle any plant compressed air system challenge. Partnered with Ingersoll-Rand, Flodraulic offers energy saving total system solutions from the compressor room to point of use.  Compressors, dyers, tanks, filters, and system accessories are all part of the Flodraulic package. Supported with intelligent controls, plant audits, 24/7 service, installation and extended warranties, Flodraulic and Ingersoll-Rand are a tough team to beat!

For over eighty years, Ingersoll-Rand has been the world leader in air compressors and air system accessories. Flodraulic and Ingersoll-Rand understand the needs and requirements of air systems and the business demands their customers face every day. Increasing energy costs and reduced margins demand increased reliability and efficiency not only from your air compressor, but your entire air system. Simply stated, your air system is much more than an air compressor. It's the complete system including piping, filters, dryers, drains, hoses, valves and point-of-use tools....and it all needs to work in sync at peak efficiency with the quality and reliability necessary to get the job done! By "Solutionizing", Flodraulic and Ingersoll-Rand are totally focused and dedicated to reducing your operational costs. We do this by providing efficient, reliable and energy-saving products, innovative maintenance services, state-of-the-art controls and financing programs to maximize performance across your entire air system. No matter the size of your operation, Flodraulic and Ingersoll-Rand are the source for complete and cost-effective air solutions for your business. Our system capabilities are second to none and include:


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