Centralized Lubrication

Centralized Lubrication

Centralized lubrication systems or automated lubricating systems take the guess work out of machinery lubrication.  With precise pre-calculated oil or grease requirements for the appropriate bearing, gear, way or surface area to be lubricated, the centralized system takes over, eliminating human error.  Primary system components include a controller, timer, dispensing injectors, pump and driver, tank, valves and pressure switches.  Properly sized with the right lubricating technology for the application, the centralized lubrication system will deliver precisely the right amount of lubricant to where it is needed at the desired frequency to ensure smooth continuous machinery performance.  

For most industrial or mobile machinery lubrication needs, Flodraulic has product and system capabilities that include: 

  • Single line injector systems
  • Series progressive systems
  • Dual-line and multi-line systems
  • Chain and spray systems
  • Air/oil lubricating systems
  • Near dry machining
  • Recirculating oil systems
  • Specialty systems
  • System accessories and diagnostics