Automation Products

Automation Products

Are you manufacturing automation solutions and looking to find products to give you the best results? Then you’re in the right place…

Flodraulic has partnered with UK-based automation product manufacturer Kyrus Limited to expand its product offerings to customers within the automation sector.  This partnership allows Flodraulic to supply high quality standard engineered products to its customers as part of automated solutions.  Based in the UK, Kyrus Limited is a global partner that can support our customer’s needs all over the world and has been manufacturing products that have been supplied to a variety of demanding industries including automotive, aerospace, welding systems, industrial automation, and much more. 

Flodraulic has a range of stock components including those for linear tracks and aluminum enclosure systems; essential products with the automation industry, with a full catalog of products available, including:

  • Robotic linear tracks
  • X Y Z Cartesian Gantry Systems
  • Modular Aluminum Enclosure Systems
  • High Speed Roller Doors