A Flodraulic Company



Founded in 1980, Oleobi is a leader in the hydraulic component field and the design and construction of customized hydraulic systems across many industrial sectors and mobile applications.

Due to our technical DNA, the extremely high degree of specialization we have gained, our certifications and our exclusive agreements with the most qualified global manufacturers of hydraulic components, Oleobi is recognized for its excellence in Fluid Power on a national and European scale.

We are known for:

  • Stock availability of more than 5,000 items.
  • Quick supply of a large range of products.
  • Exclusive distribution for Italy of SUN Hydraulics and TTP Heat Exchangers brands, world leaders in the production of valves and heat exchangers respectively.
  • Worldwide shipments, including express deliveries, aiming at meeting our clients' needs.

Some of our primary markets include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Plastic and Rubber Processing
  • Metal Processing
  • Defense
  • Recycling
  • Marine Cranes
  • Winches
  • Energy
  • Demolition Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Automation Machinery
  • Drilling
  • Tunneling
  • Iron and Steel Industries

Some of our major supplier partners:

  • Sun Hydraulics
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Hydrocontrol
  • Wika
  • MP Filtri
  • Marzocchi Pump
  • MHA Zentgraf
  • SAIP
  • Oleo Tecnica
  • Hydrotechnik

Value-added services:

  • Dimension a plant through simulation programs that allow us to exactly reproduce machine cycles
  • Optimize cost and performance
  • Plan in accordance with regulations (PED, ATEX, etc…)
  • Offer systems in accordance with the required performance level
  • Support during installation, starting up and on-board activities
  • Guarantee worldwide after-sales customer service
  • Design and produce custom steel and aluminum manifolds
  • Provide most all steel and aluminum manifold finishes or treatments
  • Assist with computer-aided field tests and diagnostics
  • Offer system test certification documentation guided by ISO-9001:2008

Contact Oleobi

Via Don G. Minzoni, 28
40057 – Fraz. Cadriano
P: 39 051 6065111
F: 39-051-766699-6065190