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Test Systems


Challenge: Rodless Electric Actuator for Automated Quality Assurance

Location: Indiana/Automotive Plants Worldwide

A major manufacturer of constant velocity (CV) Joints for the automotive industry tasked Flodraulic Group out of Indiana to solve the critical issue of CV joints leaving their facility with missing components.

Utilizing technology from SMC’s Electric Actuator division, Flodraulic was able to design a package using SMC’s high speed rodless electric actuator. While carrying a camera, it can start and stop at multiple positions along the loaded part to take pictures for quality assurance. It also has the capability of changing start/stop points based on the size of the part loaded, doing all of this with incredible accuracy and repeatability.

Utilizing this new inspection system, the manufacturer has completely eliminated shipping CV Joints out to their automotive users with missing components on them, saving them both time and tens of thousands of dollars.


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