Application Profile

Desert Oil Refinery

Lubricating Oil Systems

Challenge: Desert Lube Oil System for Multiphase Oil Transfer Pumps

Location: Canada/United Arab Emirates

Flodraulic’s RHM Division was selected to build a complex special purpose API 614 Ch. 3 lubricating oil system, designed to serve a twenty-five year mission life in an outdoor corrosive desert environment.

The RHM system provided lubrication, cooling and filtration to the rotating groups of 400gpm, 750psi pumps sending well-produced fluids 21kms from the desert production facility to a remote de-gassing station.

The totally redundant system included two 18gpm vertical pumps, dual air to oil heat exchangers each with dual fan motors and a stainless steel accumulator for pump changeover. The dual ASME air to oil heat exchangers incorporated 4 x 100% capabilities to ensure quadruple redundancy. Electrical devices and wiring conform to ATEX/IEC Zone 2 specifications. All piping and fabricated materials are 316 stainless steel which had to be completely sandblasted and specially coated and painted for to withstand the outdoor desert environment.

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