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Challenge: Axle Lubrication Transfer Tote

Location: Michigan / Mexico / Thailand

Flodraulic’s RHM Division was called upon by a major manufacturer of axles to supply measured amounts of lubrication to their axles for production testing.

The RHM solution lowered cost, replaced large tank farms, made for easy fluid changes and shortened production run times.

With a double-tote system, one is always on stand-by.  When the online tote is empty the system automatically switches to the stand-by tote and an alarm alerts the operator to replace the empty tote.  Tote locking gates prevent tote removal when the transfer pump is not fully disengaged. Diagnostics include tote low level and empty indicator switches, duplex filter dirty indicator switches from one to ten micron and optional water removal elements. 

The process consists of two major systems.  The first is the axle lube double-tote transfer system.  330 gallon axle lube totes are loaded onto the unit with lift trucks.  Two 8 gpm pneumatically operated drum pumps are mounted on pneumatic or electric lifts for pumping out axle lube.

The transfer tote supplies axle lube to a fill panel which precisely dispenses it to the axles.  Dispensing is done with an hydraulic syringe cylinder driven by a pneumatic cylinder with adjustable max stops.  Proximity switches are utilized for advance, return and cycle completion indication.  A MicroMotion totalizing flow meter confirms proper fill amount. 

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