Application Profile

Compressed Air


Challenge: Air Amplification For Plastic Injection Molding Valve Gate Systems

Location: North American Plants

Flodraulics team was called upon by an automotive injection molder to provide 300psig, boosted air pressure for a valve gate application.

They also required valves and fittings that would handle these higher pressures, as well as, a way to dump both the primary and amplified pressure in the event of an E-stop condition.

Flodraulic built its solution around a Maxpro 5:1 booster. To meet the E- stop pressure dump requirement, we incorporated a solenoid quick-dump poppet valve that releases the primary pressure and also the pilot to the valve that dumps the tank of the amplified pressure.

Flodraulic also incorporated an electro-pneumatic regulator on the drive pressure line, so the customer can easily choose the pressure for a particular mold from his PLC by providing an analog signal to the regulator.

This system’s success led the customer to request the OEM building their new injection molding machines to incorporate this solution into all new machines built for them as a standard.


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