Application Profile

Agricultural Equipment

Mobile Hydraulics

Challenge: Mobile Bail Wrapping For Agricultural Equipment

Location: Indiana

 A major manufacturer of mobile bail wrapping systems for agricultural equipment was looking to do two things in upgrading their systems. 

First, develop a cleaner and more user friendly wheel drive system and second, increase the speed and torque of the current systems.  Flodraulic’s North American Hydraulics (NAHI) group came up with solutions to both of these issues utilizing the Black Bruin BB3 radial piston motor.

The existing system were driven by an hydraulic system using hydraulic geroler motors and a sprocket with a bull gear. While workable, this system is antiquated for the technology of our times and had too many manual devices that could damage the system if not properly maintained.  

The bail wrapper utilizes a 20hp Honda engine and a gear pump rated to 3,000psi and 8gpm.  The competitive design bailer put out 1,090 ft.-lbs. of torque whereas the new NAHI Black Bruin design will put out 1,942ft.-lbs. of torque per wheel. The customer appreciated this 44% increase in torque output, as well as, the increased travel speed from 4.1mph to 6.9mph. 


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