About Us


The Flodraulic Group is collection of companies with branches throughout the United States, Canada and Italy with an impressive resume of technical capabilities. Please feel free to visit any or call any of our locations to see what the Flodraulic Group can do for you!

Corporate Profile

Flodraulic is a multi-dimensional fluid power company with expertise in an unparalleled number of technologies, markets and geographies. Check out our three minute video profile to get a glimpse at some of what Flodraulic can do for you!


As a parent company, Flodraulic was founded in 1980 in Toronto, Ontario. With acquired partners whose roots in fluid power date back to the 1950s, Flodraulic is steeped in fluid power experience and industry leadership.

Mission and Values

People, products and solutions. It is a simple formula that sums up Flodraulic’s mission to deliver excellence in all it does.


Stay tuned for Flodraulic’s latest accomplishments, happenings and news-worthy events.

Career Opportunities

An ambitious company with continuous growth a constant companion, Flodraulic is always on the look-out for new talented individuals to join its team. Let us know if you have an interest, the door is always open!