Application Profile

water jet blasting

Mobile Hydraulics

Challenge: High Pressure Remote Controlled Water Jet Blasting

Location: Ship Yards, Oil Rigs and Industrial Installations Worldwide

Flodraulic’s RHM Division was called upon by a major OEM to convert a mini-backhoe, reconfigured as a 20,000 psi water jet blaster, to operate remotely as opposed to manually. This request was made to improve operator safety and reduce injury potential.

Upon receipt of the mini-backhoe, RHM removes the factory-installed stack of manually-operated lever valves. These valves are replaced with a manifold of multiple solenoid operated valves, as shown below. RHM then installs a radio control receiver box that enables remote control of the valves and their subsequent water jet actuator movements. This allows the operator to control the machine from a safe distance away with a portable belly-pack or hand-held transmitter. It keeps the operator well clear of the high-pressure hydraulics and water jet blasting should a fitting or hose break loose during operation.

The machine is designed such that it can fit through the average man door with a couple of minor cross arm adjustments. RHM converts this machine from a manually-operated backhoe to a remotely-operated jet water blaster in less than two weeks, exceeding customer expectations.

Anyone needing to remove large areas of rust, paint or build-up can find use for this machine. Large ships in shipyards and oil rigs after they’ve been as sea for a long time are prime candidates.


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