Application Profile

Test System


Challenge: Life Cycle Vehicle Door Latch Testing

Location: Indiana

A major manufacturer of automotive components tasked Flodraulic Group out of Indiana to help them design and build a large fixture for the purpose of cycle testing newly designed door latches for vehicles.

The lengthy, high cycle rate tests consist of “real life” simulation utilizing both extreme hot and cold chambers. With help from SMC’s design engineers and sales staff, we were able to develop several different custom cylinders that are able to withstand these extreme temperatures while also meeting the demands of a lengthy life cycle. The test also demanded precise, documentable repeatability so Flodraulic recommended the use of nine ITV electronic pressure regulators.

The customer is now able to complete a full life cycle test on their pre-released components three times faster than their previous method allowing them to get their new products out to the market much faster and maintain their competitive advantage in the market place.


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