Application Profile

Refinery Equipment

Industrial Hydraulics

Challenge: Oil Refinery Decoking Control System

Location: California/India

Flodraulic’s RHM Division has considerable expertise in the refinery industry through its lubricating oil systems.

This led to one OEM customer to work with RHM to jointly develop a special “API spec like” hydraulic power unit for control of a delayed decoking operation. It provides hydraulic power to a winch which moves the coke-cutting head and to the rotary joint that rotates the coke cutting head. They are deployed into the refinery’s delayed coker drum to clean out the build-up of solid coke by-product.

RHM provided its customer with a unique combination of API-compliant components along with design and construction guidelines acceptable to a refinery environment…not too common in the industrial hydraulic market. Included is electrical design compliant for an ATEX Class 1 hazardous environment, all stainless steel construction, entirely redundant systems, gauge board mounted API instrumentation for operator ease and dual 100% ASME, TEMA C water-to-oil heat exchangers.

RHM’s ability to execute on this specialized system is the result of fifty (50) years of market leadership in the manufacture hydraulic systems and ten years of experience successfully designing and building lubricating oil systems and auxiliary equipment for the oil and gas industries.


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