Application Profile

Process Systems


Challenge: Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Industrial Parts Washer

Location: Mexico

Flodraulic’s RHM Division was called upon by a major OEM to design and build five process filtration systems for transmission parts washers to be installed at Ford’s new Irapuato, Mexico powertrain plant.

The system is designed around a stainless steel two module reservoir with dirty and clean tank chambers. The purpose for these filters is to receive dirty water-based coolant fluid from the parts washer discharges and return it to those same washer intakes as a steady supply of clean coolant ready to wash more parts.

Between dirty tank intake and clean tank return, the coolant is passed through a series of triplex bag and vacuum filtration processes. An integral RHM-designed paper media conveyor collects and disposes the contaminants as the fluid cycles through the system.

These process filter systems utilize three distinct pumps. A 135gpm @ 35psi vacuum pump draws the dirty tank coolant through the disposable media and feeds it to the clean tank. A 100gpm @ 80psi centrifugal main delivery pump returns coolant to the washer intake. An air-operated diaphragm pump is available to pump out both tanks for cleaning and maintenance.

Features of this system include a continuous surface oil removal system, a first-aid eye- wash station, safety overflow precautions and a hose reel for wash-down. RHM also provided all electrical, pneumatic and diagnostic interfaces, as well as plant personnel training in Mexico.

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