Application Profile

Office Furniture

Compressed Air

Challenge: Office Furniture Manufacturing Plant Compressed Air Package

Location: Michigan/Mexico

Flodraulic’s RHM group has worked with the world leader in office furniture systems for many years.

When they announced an expansion at their Reynosa, Mexico plant, RHM was brought in to assess their increased plant compressed air requirements and come up with a solution.

The first step was to get with the local Ingersoll Rand personnel in Mexico and conduct a seven-day on-site audit to determine existing and new air flow requirements and systems needs.

Upon completion of the audit, RHM designed a package including two compressors, cycling refrigerated dryer, coalescing filter, condensate removal unit, system valving, complete electrical control, air receiver tank and all system accessory components. The system was piped with 2” schedule 40 pipe, wired and fully tested at RHM with customer personnel on hand for witness-testing. A sun and rain shield was recommended to the customer by RHM when it was learned the skid would sit outdoors in Mexico.

RHM recommended an X12i intelligent system controller for this turnkey solution allowing the customer to simultaneously control up to twelve compressors, both new and existing. This single-point control eliminates waste, improves operating efficiencies and reduces energy costs by managing and synchronizing all of the air compressors as a system rather than individually. RHM then incorporated a Vx visualization module that allowed the X12i system to be monitored and controlled remotely from an operator PC. Information regarding system performance, maintenance, diagnostics, status and much more are instantly accessible via multiple messaging options.

Flodraulic’s RHM team has built several of these skids for this customer, an unwritten statement of trust and a testament to our commitment to engineering and operational excellence


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