Application Profile

Coolant Systems

Engine manufacturing

Challenge: Metal Cutting Machine Tool Through-Tool Coolant

Location: Michigan/Indiana

Flodraulic’s RHM Division has years of expertise in the design and build of endless varieties of coolant and chip management systems.

A major manufacturer of diesel engines had never before employed the use of an automatic back-flushing filtration system as part of its coolant systems. This system provides a continuous flow of high pressure coolant through the machine tool spindle and tooling, directly to the part being machined.

Through a major machine tool OEM, RHM designed and built a stand-alone 180gpm at 500psi high pressure system for this engine manufacturer with a B&K automatic back-flushing filter. With multiple media-collecting “candles” in the filter which are automatically and regularly cleaned, the engine manufacturer can operate this system for twelve months before cleaning. Very little manual intervention is required with this system.

This particular job was a retool of existing machinery on the plant floor, so RHM facilitated a simulated run-off on its own production floor and once again on the OEM customer’s plant floor. When the system was finally shipped to the end user, the installation went extremely smooth and the skid is running very well. With the introduction of automated back-flushing filtration, the customer will realize extended tool, pump and coolant life. Labor, maintenance and disposal costs will be greatly reduced.

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