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Mobile Hydraulics

Challenge: Vacuum Pipe Handler for Pipeline Industries

Location: Oklahoma

A customer approached Flodraulic’s North American Hydraulics (NAHI) group with an idea to build a vacuum pipe handling system.

Initial interest was driven by our Indexator Rotator product partner. Capitalizing on this opportunity, NAHI offered up a complete Flodraulic group integrated systems solution.

NAHI’s solution was built around the Indexator XR 400 Rotator with a lift capacity of 50 metric tons, 360 degree continuous rotation, 1” through ports for high flow/pressure capacity and a 1” center bore to accommodate 6 x 22 awg wires for auxiliary DC functions.

The system was supported by Flodraulic Group products and technologies, including:

  • Geartek dual shaft motor to provide power for the vacuum pump and alternator to replenish all electronic functions within the system
  • RHM Division of Flodraulic custom manifold for distributing and managing fluid power from the host machine to the vacuum lifter functions
  • Continental subplate-mounted directional valves
  • Alpha Slip Ring custom electric slip ring
  • Transmitter and receiver for remote operation

The vacuum handler is completely self-contained and utilizes the host excavator’s existing hydraulic system as its source of fluid power. The customer chose to work with NAHI for a number of reasons:

  1. Indexator Rotator offers power beyond the rotating function, both hydraulic and electric.
  2. NAHI’s ability to design the complete hydraulic circuit and provide all system components.
  3. Utilization of multiple Flodraulic Group companies, resources and products for single-point accountability.


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