Application Profile

Compressed Air


Challenge: Tier One Automotive Supplier of Stamped Products

Location: Michigan

A tier one automotive parts supplier was concerned with the operational efficiency of its plant compressed air system.

Flodraulic’s RHM Fluid Power group was called in to perform energy and leak detection audits to assess the existing system and to make recommendations.

As a first step, RHM engineers audited the existing system around the clock for seven days. This was done utilizing data logging equipment that would constantly monitor and record several key readings, amperage draw, air flow and system pressure. With this information in hand, RHM created a detailed report highlighting compressor system power consumption, average flow and system pressure and whether the plant was in production or not. This allows the RHM team to better understand system characteristics. Simultaneous to the full system audit, RHM performed a plant air leak detection inspection using ultrasonic leak detection equipment to find points of costly air loss.

These investigative efforts led RHM to engineer a new system built around a 100hp Ingersoll Rand air compressor and a Hitachi variable speed drive. This would better match power consumption with actual plant production requirements. Wasteful in-plant air leaks were also identified and eliminated. With seven days of 24/7 consumption data in hand and knowledge of local power costs, RHM could document $15,000 in annual operational cost savings through reduced energy costs. Going one step further, RHM worked with the local electrical utility company to help the customer secure a $10,000 energy rebate check for documented system improvements! The customer ROI for this project was less than two years! Value-added services above and beyond products and technologies differentiated RHM from the competition.


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