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Compressed Air

Compressed Air Dryer

Challenge: Compressed Air Dryer for Flour Milling

Location: Quebec, Canada

A flower milling operation was experiencing chronic water condensation and humidity problems in its airlines throughout the year. This problem lead to repeated breakdowns and production stoppages due to operating system valve and cylinder malfunctions. 

The customer called upon Flodraulic’s AirMax group to help eliminate this problem. They proposed a Tsunami 10hp regenerative air dryer solution. This easy-to-use wall-mounted PLC controlled dryer system features two-stage pre-filters for water separation and oil coalescing. Pneumatic drains automatically actuate with the dryer to eliminate any water and oil trapped by the pre-filters and eliminating the need for float drains.

The AirMax solution can handle high plant inlet temperatures of up to 150° F and provide low dew points down to -80° F, dropping relative humidity below 10% consistently. It performs well with high demand surge flows, yet works great with low flow rates. No aftercooler is required.

With the Tsunami regenerative air dryer recommendation, the customer’s airline water condensation and humidity problems were eliminated, as were the production stoppages due to system component failures.


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