Application Profile

Amphibious Vehicles

Mobile Hydraulics

Challenge: Forestry, Military, Municipal and Assorted End Users

Location: Throughout North America

A major manufacturer of amphibious and multi-terrain vehicles was forced to reconsider its existing drive system due to TIER 4 final engine regulations.

This opened up the opportunity for Flodraulic’s North American Hydraulic (NAHI) group to show what they could do! The problem the customer had was that the standard cataloged products of the incumbent supplier and other competitors would not meet their requirements.

NAHI’s sales and technical team demonstrated its value-added capabilities in working with HANSA pumps by offering a non-catalog/non-standard solution. The customer needed a tandem closed-loop solution that could fit within a specific envelope size. The application also required an external filtration option between the charge pump and piston pump circuit. NAHI worked with its supplier partners to design a custom housing modification that satisfied each of the customer’s unique requirements. Through successful prototyping and a willingness to do some research and go beyond opening a catalog to find products and solutions, the customer selected NAHI as its new TIER 4 compliant hydraulic drive partner.


Experts in fluid power, electrical and mechanical technologies.